About Us

  Sharky and Julie are both long time bikers. Sharky for most of his life and Julie since she met Sharky 27 years ago.

  In February 2007 we moved our family to France to open a chambre d'hôtes after many years of talking about it.

  In October 2006, we came over on holiday, Sharky saw our property and wrote out a deposit cheque there and then. It was only after that Julie said "we haven't even put our house in England up for sale" (Sharky doesn't do forward planning). Our house in England was put up for sale on the 2nd of November 2006 and completed on Friday the 16th of February 2007. That night at 22H00 we took the Plymouth to Roscoff ferry and our French adventure began!


Our property sits on an acre of land and consists of 2 farmhouses, a barn and 9 outbuildings. We live in the big farmhouse and the guest accommodation is in the other property. The barn has been converted into a bar/dining area for guests and the outbuildings are converted into bunk-houses, toilet/shower  and workshop facilities.

Our project is ongoing - Phase one was ready in 2012, Phase two is ready now and the final phase is planned for ......... some time in the future. We are having too much fun!  

Contact details.


La Remondie, 16500 Lessac, Charente, France.

Telephone: +33 (0) 545 31 10 95


SIRET   750 615 221 00017


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