Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Do you only accept motorcyclists ?

A: Although we are set up as a motorcyclist B&B, everybody is welcome at ABC, no matter how you arrive, we are more than happy to accommodate you.

Q: Can you meet us and guide us in ?

A: Although we are not based near any of the ports, Sharky can meet you at a pre-arranged place (any excuse to take the Harley for a ride !)

Q: We're touring France and we need a bed for the night, can you accommodate us ?

A: Yes, we will always do our best to accommodate you, even at short notice.

Q: Are pets allowed ?

          A: We are sorry, but because we are located on a sheep farm, we cannot accept pets.

 Q: Can we bring our motorhome ?

         A: We are sorry, but we do not allow motorhomes, caravans or camping.  

Q: Me and my mates are in a scooter club and are planning a trip to France. Do you accept scooterists ?

A: Yes, no problem, whatever you ride be it two, three or four wheels you are all welcome at ALL BIKES CHARENTE.  



Contact details.


La Remondie, 16500 Lessac, Charente, France.

Telephone: +33 (0) 545 31 10 95


SIRET   750 615 221 00017


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