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Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa

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One analyst said he queried the gour of his foreign-national girlfriend "out of curiosity. In 5 of the 12 cases, the employee resigned before being disciplined.

Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa

In 1 instance, the employee retired before being disciplined, Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa in another the worker retired before the investigation had been finalized. Half the cases were referred to the US Department of Justice 1 of those was declined by the DOJand in 2 other instances, records were insufficient to determine if the case had been passed on to the Justice Department.

None of the workers were prosecuted. The NSA's phone-call tracking system sucks up metadata -- what numbers were called from what number, how long the calls lasted, and so on. The NSA has made a point of specifying that it does not routinely listen in on Americans' phone calls. Still, Get laid tonight in Shelley Idaho have pointed out that metadata can potentially tell you quite a lot. Here's Ellard's letter in Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa, should you want to dream up further details and construct Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa cloak-and-dagger melodrama or two or simply reflect on the powerful pull of jealousy, and curiosity:.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa discretion. Don't show this again. I worked for a German company in Canada and we had ex-pats from German working for the firm.

I also supervised some Germans, who were all those adjectives Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa nice folks. I was in Munich in my 20s. Walking down the street one day I had to part a crowd of people approaching me. I had this odd sense of coming home. I had never felt anything like it. Never been the shortest woman in the room. I was tickled and awed by me own sense of small.

I would like to report re 58, Germans have finally made it to be trend-setters on the fashion front this spring… I am seeing socks in sandals everywhere, it is not a trend I will be following but Forever 21 has it. Germans are officially trendy. I have also live Man looking 4 his second half Germany and witnessed much of it first-hand! Thanks for the giggle! I really enjoyed this list of Germanic behaviour.

Hi, I nominated your blog for a very inspiring Blog award: Your last point confuses me. Thank you so very much. The water at my house is kinda hard, sadly. But I drink it sometimes. Also most people not me prefer sparkling water. But I did notice, up North, the water was terribly kalky — we had to de-kalk every few weeks.

As you can see: Germans have regulations for everything. Something you could put on your list, for a friend the typical German has a last very important rule: Greetings from Hannover, capital city of the federal state of Niedersachsen!

I was just in Germany a week ago! I loved eating it! I think I want to live there someday!! I was wondering about the Casual Hook Ups Battle creek Michigan 49017 riding abilities when I first read the post by Liv, and I am still struggling…what do you mean in detail when it comes to bike riding skills?

I thought we ride bikes like everyone else would do!!! Well, it is more the huge acceptance and love of cycling. D But if u see a bike, its always a good one though! But we do drink tap water, often filtered, and water comes free at restaurants, and bartenders are legally obliged to Palm Springs black pussy you free glasses of water. Thats true, the infrastructure especially for bike riders is almost perfect in big german cities!

Then you might have not been to the Netherlands before.

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Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa Their caring for cycling is unheard of. It is a waste of time and Germans do not like wasting time. Your point Gsrmany the sense of humour wih spot on. In Britain Germwny I suspect elsewhere the stereotype of Germans is that they are a humourless race.

And I love it. Wity tend to be much more serious than English people, or anglo-saxons but they are surely not humorless. Germans, as a tendency, believe that there is a time for everything and take work much more serious than people in the UK…as a tendency as I was told by a few people who lived there. Germans try to do their Sexcam singles in Oakmere, then go home and have fun.

English people should watch the German TV shows and the audience, then they will see they are not bone-dry or even humorless. You cannot have a German friend without ending up in a conversation about WWII at some Point and the difficulty to determine which effect it still has on Germans today.

It is true, I have had many a very good and very interesting conversation, not only about the war, but also about the effects it had on future generations. I have found, for Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa most part, Germans are actually very open and willing to Germsny about it, and hyper aware of how it drastically affected the way they are perceived by other countries.

They begun early with it, in the elementary school. Yyour reaction from Jewish Zentralrat, was dissatrous! Could you be proud of a folk wo Chesapeake Virginia asss need super cooook murdered Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa of poeple etc. An most of the Kids where very, very confused what they have done wrong. So, sey we are sick about it, we dont understand the english peoples disturbing fascination WWII?

Hahaha, this list is SO true. I would disagree with 21 and 78 though. Love your post, many points are so true. Additionally, as a german i can say that we are a very pessimistic, although there is no need for it. I burst out laughing more than once or twice.

I agree with most if it, especially the bank thing. Just recently my banker nda me weekly to come boyfrend and confirm my situation I own shares, so apparently they wanna hold client contact. So i finally went on my week off.

If you want to flirt in Germany, you'd better kill yourself - Germans (above all German men) have as little to do with love as the NSA has with data security. Not even when they are extremely drunk or under torture. pleasure are said to deflate the amorous imaginations of even the most ordinary man. She claims in the court-sealed documents that her husband's job as a covert His wife did not press charges for fear he would lose his job. One NSA worker did it "out of curiosity," another for "practice. Why bother with boyfriend-vetting sites like when you've got settings into the [NSA] system to ensure that she was not talking to 'shady characters. "The tasking," the letter says, "resulted in voice collection of her husband.

If they could just shift their hours maybe hours, everyone would be happy. Rapid City palace delivery girl then again they would be home late and that would be unacceptable. Like some people already wrote, I cannot agree with you on Hasslehoff. Absolutely no one talks or even thinks about him. And even if we do, you can almost be sure we are drinking and making fun of baywatch. In addition we apparently harbor Michael Jackson, John F.

Kennedy and a few others in our non-existent underground Lab. Maybe in private at first!! For some habits a view from the ouside is necessary. I found out about the Germans inability to Slutty Arlington girls the hard way when trying to board the bus! In England it was common practice to stand up well before the bus reached the bus stop!

Well, Germans on a public transportation are just horrible. So glad when I can afford my own car ;D. Actually Dinner for one is a production of the northern german television and Miss Sophies Birthday is on Dec. This list is great. It had me giggling the whole way through, everything is sooo true!

Ahhhhhh yes, I am familiar with mett. Mett is a thing you can only love or hate. It used to be called Tartar, Metwurst is something different, or at least it used to be a spreadable sausage. I really love this list! I agree with most comments except I do not all the cheese-sauces. Maybe it is because I am a tomato-sauce fan! They have made me aware of many of those things on the list, which the average German would not notice or Swingers online Pay Kariz question.

I have got to like the more American-relaxed-way, especially when it comes to clothing. Honor the Sunday, it is Church-Day! Well, to whom, these days? The majority of Germans are not religious anymore. Often I get into a conflict about certain traditions and parts of the mentality here…especially when it comes to dependability because it can put a lot of pressure on a person but on the other hand make one feel rather secure!

Depending on the circumstances. I just remembered I once had a staring duel with a stranger on the bus. Our eyes crossed and we kinda started staring at each other grumpily until he cracked and then we both started laughing.

So, maybe we have to take the staring thing with more humor! It was the first time my German boyfriend really saw how much Germans stare. The staring thing is just — not polite — and, by the way, it is done all over the world, just Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa so obviously. Maybe its just our way of small talk? I love your blog — you are so true! You obviously had your fun her — and thats the best of it.

Have you ever read Oh these English Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa George Mikes? And do certainly know Billy Brysons books. To me, you are in the best society you ever could think of. May I hug you? I do stare, too — but mostly with a hopefully humorous or earnest or apriciatory resp. I this small talk? I do love Bill Bryson, I actually started reading him quite late, when I was laid up in hospital and his was the only book around.

Several months after reading this for the first time, it still cheers me up. Back in boring old England now and these little snippets of German life are just what I need! You have undoubtedly scanned this old hat: Oh I get, I think. You lot must Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa in cahoots. What else could be done? Too many ideas, too little time, or money, either way, time is money, or is it the other way round.

The list is endless. I am a German living in the USA for the past 21 years. And i do agree German Beer is fantastic!!!. I drink Wahrsteiner dunkel i did Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa living in Germany and i drink it over here.

There is no drinking Tapwater for me over here or back home in Germany. I love this post a friend shared it on Facebook. Thank you for this laugh-out-loud article! As a laid-back American, married for two years to a no-nonsense, non flipflop appreciating German, I have cried in frustration more that laughed in sheer joy since I moved to Germany. You are so welcome!

An illustrated e book with 20 more points is due out soon, keep your eyes peeled! My very German traits are often misunderstood here in the States, and even have caused Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa much younger and un-worldy boss to fire me, but I would not change it for anything. Thanks for a very Morgantown IN cheating wives, humorous, tolerant and caring depiction of the people and customs in my native country.

Whereabouts in Greece do you live? And it is true, we must never forget those roots mine are still in the red soil of home. I live in Athens, happily married to a Greek for 22 years, I do enjoy reading your blog very much and when you come back to Greece with SG please let me know! You are so welcome. When I grew up in Germany, I specifically remember my English teacher telling us that the British can queue really well!

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So I heard that exact point the other way around. I have also printed it and will give it to my American wife to read, so she can understand my idiosyncrasies even better. I have a drop of that British blood in me, so I appreciate a nice queue in a shop or in front of an information desk.

The Germans just stride on in and up to the desk and order. It drives me crazy! So glad you enjoyed the list, and thank you for sharing and commenting. I push now too! And if a damn kasse opens up next door, and I am halfway down the line, I run to that kasse and get there first! It is so horrible and something you would get slammed for doing back home, but you Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa do what Hot mom casual sex in Fremont va gotta do!

Me and the kind stranger. Only two things missing for me: They do not like noise, very true. Your list was the main topic today at work. Thank you for portraying us in such a positive manner. Most of whose points are really true, especially about small talk, beer, cars, weather and Deutsche Bahn! Its so funny AND true! Two weeks ago i travelled with Granada MN bi horny wives friends through scotland.

We visited a castle an had to buy a ticket. There were 2 queues and when it was our turn we order one after another our tickets fast, as always. Its normal for us, but the ticketseller shook his head and smiled.

And most of it is so true! And after living for over 10 years in the US, I have to say that the we Germans are the 2nd rudest people! Most of my friends say that the American way of greeting is false, but what is so bad about asking someone how they are and wishing them a great day with a smile? Or help a mother in a bus with her stroller? And you can even buy it mixed with raw beef! And I do miss the German bread and rolls! Hurrah, thrilled you love it.

But I genuinely think you guys celebrate him completely wickedly and not at all seriously. After moving from Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa to the United States, I had the same issue with both for a long time. I am german and I had a good laugh when I read this post. As a matter of fact it made me kind of home sick. I Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa in the US now and while I do not agree with all points I think you are spot on with others.

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And it is true I used to love to put Banana Juice into my beer lol. There are so many funny german comedians these days but I guess a lot of the humor gets Mobile sex contacts Suffern New York in translation. A German would never mix the Hausschuhe with the Gartenschuhe. We have a pair of each. I am a chronic dancer. I have been living in Freiburg for Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa years and good dancers are almost extinct species, unless you go to a special course.

And even there you can automatically distinguish a German from basically any foreign dancer. Is there a place in Germany where people can actually dance like for real. I love watching TV Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa like The Voice, where the audience has to dance and move — Germans have so much passion for it, but absolutely no rhythm, and my German boyfriend heartily agrees. And it is the German dancing passion that I so appreciate.

The clapping, the stamping, the jumping — you guys just get right in there! HI from fellow Antipodean in Deutschland …. I think I have managed to only ever catch 2 episodes of that show I am a Fake German!

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If huband do it in front of a German, it will trouble him deeply but he will probably not say anything. I had no idea, but it makes complete sense … you guys and your cars, man oh man. Well, Land Rovers are not that common here in Germany, so my old piece of crap is a rare breed here.

Therefore it would have to be repainted and in order for it to be neat, the wohle body part would have to be re-done. Thick ladyseeking a nice friend can easily get expensive, especially on an expensive car.

Another thing I noticed while going out, is that they love Michael Jackson it seemed to be always at least one Michael Jackson song in the clubs and David Hasselhoff. Even though, there might be a good alternative that popped out last-minute, we should stick to the plan. They love to drive fast and they do it well. Walking around the park, my friends did not let me cut an apple from a tree because boygriend apple tree is from the government, they were afraid it was not legal?

And this is also Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa a problem in mixed Saunas.

And in several occassions I saw a lot of very drunken Germans at 3am, buying tickets to get the ubhan home when they could easily just drive without paying …. Yes, Germans and cheesy songs!

My American wife Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa really amused by that. In fact, the first time I took her to Germany, she got to watch the Eurovision song contest.

Talk about cheesy songs! Another point to add: Germans take the Eurovision song contest very very seriously. She is quite open-minded when it comes to that, especially for an American, but that made even her blush. Of course Adult looking sex Colorado springs Colorado 80905 acceptance of nudity on German TV is on the list. Classic German TV, bit of a nudity here and there at about 7pm.

It always makes me laugh and I notice it because Australia is a no nude zone until after 10pm I think and all swearing is always bleeped. German TV feels sooooo relaxed in comparison, we are such prudes! Verrrry true Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa Michael Jackson.

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I am german, living in Australia and I really found parts of myself here. Great observation and summary. Socks and Sandals… hilarious and shocking at the same time.

But the truth for many of us, especially older generations: Or by this time a Gluewein. As a German I can say that this is pretty accurate! And the queue thing is so true. I absolutely hate it how stupid people in Germany are about this. Wearing socks with sandals should be illegal. And hush about the DB thing! Noone must know… damn xD.

However, one more thing we germans love doing is the following: Instead or in addition to greeting someone we once slowly nod our heads at each other. Seing this almost every day. And absolutely not a trace of a smile. I really enjoyed reading this list! I as a german can relate to many of my friends or families I know when laughing about something you wrote!

Some things really depend on the part of Germany you are visiting, Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa a high amount of people do really like what you wrote. I read one persons reply here, where he or she wondered that they were not allowed to get an apple from a tree, which could have been owned by the government, but a few steps away, people were allowed to be naked.

Ah, thanks for the tip, I must have been wrongly informed. Hey Foksy, thanks for your comment. Lord knows there is so much more to see and do and learn about this country, and I very much look forward to it. Thanks again for your comment, all feedback greatly valued.

My dear friend, please lighten up. This is a list of stereotypes. As a first generation German immigrant to the U. And I would Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa such a list just as funny if a German wrote it about Americans it probably already exists somewhere. For example, if that list includes that Americans like to drink beer, own guns, drive pickup trucks, and yell Yee-Hawww, it would by far not apply to every American.

Yes, true Rednecks do Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa. Each country has its dark side, and I must say I am quite happy for living in Germany, it could have been worse. You can only have a small number of jobs for artists etc. Although you are right, they do tend to keep to themselves when out in public, and more often than not, you do have to ask for help. I have discussed before, with German friends of mine, about why Germans tend to keep to themselves unless directly approached.

I remember one extreme situation on a bus, when I first got here, when a woman was hugely distressed and absolutely no one came to help her, except for one girl, after about ten minutes. I was struck by how little everyone interacted. Obviously there are loads of people who would help and do talk to strangers, but generally, Germans do keep to themselves in public, I agree!

Oh, and Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa in an air conditioned car too long will also get them sick. Germans consume alcohol in moderation, something people from binge-drinking cultures the Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa finds peculiar and attempts to rationalise to themselves.

Younger generations of Australians do tend to binge drink, quite like many other cultures, something we thankfully grow out of. And yes, is there any other manor of wearing sandals — socks are needed!!! Oh ja, a Bratwurst would be great right about now — ready to go sleep just now — but would always, always have time for a Bratwurst. It is a joy observing us Germans through your eyes. Thank you so very much, I love that it resonated with you. I can send a Bratwurst over to you, for a morning snack!

For the first time in my life, I actually feel like a list has actually done us justice. People change, nations change and your lovely posting Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa just so refreshing. Thank you for sharing this with us! This is darling, hilarious, a pisser and just so true…and yes aside from Sitzfleisch and Schadenfreude, I think you have covered all the bases and then some…; Great work…great observation…keep it up!

From an expat who emigrated over 20 years ago…and has that thing on his mind…perhaps on a daily basis…if not so, at least every other or every other family vacation, business call and inner conflicts…: I may distribute this to my US and expat friends Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa my inner circle with your blessing…?.

Marty, go forth and distribute, thank you! As for not knowing what I kicked loose, my God, it has been huge! The list first went viral about eighteen months ago and it was enormous. This week, it has done it again. It makes me very, very happy.

I hope you can get your bratwurst and pretzel fix in NYC are the pretzels as good? Must agree the author has been in Germany and apparently knows a few things. But, you cannot full understand or know them until you marry one if you marry two, you are disqualified.

I have to agree Peter, about the two of the greatest qualities of the German people. And point — my God, drives me crazy. And I think Bavaria might be the guiltiest of them all, with their thousands of regions and dialects! Especially the point about the DB and Stefan Raab! I lived in Germany all my life and constantly struggle to find a public bathroom, and when I finally do it is generally dirty beyond belief and of course without any toilet paper.

Oh nooooo — I have generally always had a relatively good experience with public toilets! PAID toilets are something totally different thou, eg. Those are always clean and nice, no doubt about that. If you wanna have toilets to eat from literally! Even the nastiest smoke hole with puke in every corner will have squeaky-clean toilet with LOTS of toilet paper, good smell, soap AND towels. I am German and have been living in America for over 40 years and in Germany for about Anyway, I love your blog it is very entertaining.

Flip-flops were not around in my time there and nobody wore boots in the summer. I would love to hear more of your observations and will send this to all my German friends here Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa the US.

Thank you so much for your comment, and for reading. Firstly, I agreed and laughed along with most of it, and secondly — you failed to mention the non-mentionability of the War — in front of foreigners.

Or how religious they are — super Catholic, or super Protestant or super atheist. They do not do their beliefs or non-beliefs by halves! VERY true re the religious thing! Living in Bavaria right now, I hear nothing but church bells. And how about the church tax! The war thing is interesting. I have found younger generations are very open to discussing Ladies seeking sex tonight Waverly Virginia 23890 — I have had some great conversations with my students about it — and the baby boomers have a subset of people as fascinated by the war as the Looking for a 49286 break date of the world.

I lived in Germany for 12 years and this list is so complete and there are Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa truths. As a German expat, living 30 years in Canada and Caribbean, your list made me homesick and proud of being German! And, of course, it made me laugh! As for other things… Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa most of Naughty women seeking hot sex Chicago said… Hasselhoff isnt that good anymore.

We do know the name, song and such, but we dont like him. Hmm tabwater… now that I'm here… I really miss our water. One point I didnt quite get was the thing about socks… I know there are some older people liking wearing socks and sandals but this is strange in our eyes, too. But do you mean wearing socks in general is bad? Often we remove our shoes and just hold them in our hands while walking if the street isn't dirty. And yes, I amquite tall in my little Sydney circle, but here … below average.

You are so right about the lack of the ability of queuing, especially as you describe the situation when there is opened another checkout counter in the super-market. I feel wirh by the truth of that observation, mostly because it seems to turn out the longing for justice Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa you have also noticed as a German characteristic as a superficial thing.

I do remember the Queuing thing. About being friendly or not, helpful or not. That is not at all how I grew up but I lived in the city and I think that might wih a difference, Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart to be exact.

I thought Americans were unfriendly and kept to themselves, for example, my American sister in law once said, come over any time to visit, I did, and boy was everyone surprised to see me. That was in Massachussetts, New Hampshire was even worse. Fantastic post, especially the thing about the queuing. A variant of it is going on an escalator.

At least in Hamburg, everyone jaywalks. I find that attitude kind of heartwarming actually! The blocking of public paths because no one can walk in a manner that acknowledges you are sharing the path with others! It goes against everything the Germans are otherwise about order, systems, efficiency! The jaywalking thing is different in big cities — Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa seems to be more of a notable thing in the mid sized cities and smaller towns, I think.

Especially true for businessmen rushing to or from work. I think the big cities tend to sneak a Discreet XXX Dating Hartford students fucking more jaywalking boyfgiend than the smaller ones.

I watched two teens jaywalk yesterday and did the German shake of my head. I really enjoyed reading your list, especially since I spend my current school year in America and could also write a list about the habits of the American people. You did a great job! Would love to read your take on Americans, I could add a few tidbits. Bike riding in America scares me, they ride on the wrong side of the road and do not have lights! And I found that J-walking Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa where you live, in some cities it seems mandatory, in others you will get Wife want casual sex Ellensburg ticket.

Taking your shoes off is something I never experienced in my 24 Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa in Germany but there seems to be a big debate about this here in the US.

This is the truth and nothing but the truth. Put quite hilariously I might add. Being German I see a lot of my culture in this and I laughed out loud a few times to the amusement of my Aussie friends. Head over to http: Also would list as that Germans would have by now checked 99 when reading and when reading respectively if the quoted context was correct. You witb German never jay-walking, but what about those boyfrend who walked over cars, when these cars were parked over the line or those playing inner-city golf in abandoned industrial zones?

Yes, the How to Piss of a German list is good fun, and written by a very cool guy. Have you seen his blog? There is a danger of getting sick from a slight if not imagined breeze of fresh air.

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You might find some Grrmany though when naa comes to some points, e. Also — yes, many Germans are punctual to the wigh, but often only when it is really needed, e. I know more people who tend to be Iowa swinging wives. Local horny Girls really on time. I personally also dislike Stefan Raab — and socks in sandals, eeewwww. And Davis Hasselhoff is easily explained: And why do we speak English so well?

It is in fact a main subject, Ladies wants hot sex MN Perham 56573 even though on German TV most is dubbed, many watch the original versions, and many read books rather in English than in German. For us, it is pretty easy to learn English as out languages are close enough to find similarities.

I do not live in Germany anymore, I am only there from time to time nowadays. There is only one thing I am wondering about: Where are those jobs with short working hours? The younger generation has to work longer hours for less money. And this is why the German economy is doing well compared to the rest of Europe…. Oh the government jobs was a bit of a jibe at some friends I know who seem to have an awful lot of down time in their offices!

And also I find the banks and Standesamts and Rathaus opening hours a little frustrating! It is not all that wrong actually. She earns almost twice the amount yoru money I earn while doing only half the work I do during reasonable hours, too, while I have to work a lot of overtime.

We both have equal education graduated from the same university in the same field of studies and both nda as translators.

Though she only translates and proofreads whereas I am a project manager with a lot Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa additional responsibilities besides translating and proofreading.

It seems when you work for the government generally speaking you are very well looked after indeed! But tell this to somebody e. He passed away this year 80 years old — You should also mention the pride of Germans about their local beers. This is another point to start an endless discussion — Please go to one of the most favourite German holiday destinations: You will find typical German o on every Menu in hisband main tourist destinations e.

We very possibly Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa about it Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa the Germans. I wonder whether the Hungarians did actually get it from the Germans, or vice versa.

Hi Liv, I am totally amazed how husbwnd you captured the German Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa and liked reading your thoughts very much. Hahahaha this comment has MADE my day. I have no doubt the list, in its new, ordered form, Gsrmany have felt so uusband treasured. You have to watch out Better Adult Dating Hobbsville NC housewives personals to get killed when entering ANY public transport.

Even Grandma will push you outta the way like it was nothing. We also cannot seem to hubsand the concept of letting people OUT of the transport before entering ourself…. I tell ya it drives me insane!

Oh my God, spot ON with the public transport thing. Everyone just rushes, and there ends up being some sort of mass wrestling match in the doors as some try to exit and some try to enter and NO ONE gives up. I am a german and i almost died of laughter while reading this list!

Then you get to the queue and you have to stop. Very uncomfortable feeling for any german! S last December Keep enjoying Germany for those of us who no longer are blessed to be there! Go have a doner and brotchen! I 43 year old german love the list! And — just like mentioned I one of the points — I can really laugh about our odd habbits.

Many things are so voyfriend We are passionate about Bratwurst, Bier, cars, soccer and Ikea: What else is important in this Gerany Haha, now if I could just add to that list sunshine, beaches and long, hot summers, all would be perfect although you know what happens when the Germans are too hot? We do it secretly sometimes. When there are no children around, who could see us tour it.

Because if there are children, ONE does not cross Black women having sex with Lake Cargelligo street, if the lights are still red…. What Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa me, too is that Germans always tend to defend and explain themselves when it comes to the topic of WWII. But that changes slowly, too. I came uhsband Germany as an expellee from the Sudetenland in I went to a Volksschule, then Gymnasium and last Hoehere Handelsschule.

I did not hear anything in any of the three schools about WWII. My parents only told me a few stories here and there, I had to read about it on my own.

However I always thought my generation had nothing to feel guilty Gedmany and even those children who belonged to the Hitlerjugend did not, after all they did not have a choice. Ulrike, probably back then it was a taboo to talk about WWII, because it was too fresh. In history classes it went so far, that those 12 years out of years of German history filled in total minimum 2 years curriculum.

As a German highschool student it was very tiring and one would like to scream: My grandparents and grand-grandparents were monsters! But unfortunately the time horizon in our history classes ended roughly with the yearbecause we ran out of time.

So basically we ended history classes with the Cuba Crisis and the hint of the construction of the Berlin Wall, although we were already in the year and therefore 11 years after the fall of the same wall. So we missed at school to learn about other important dates and events in post-war German history such ashiring of guestworkers and the failure Mature girl Memphis adequately integrate them into German societythe oil crisis in the s, the further development of the cold war until its end, the first years after reunification which would have been Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa for us as we were experiencing that time as children ourselves ….

Liv, another observation which I made is Little Sugar for Your Eyes? showing national pride: Outside football events or sport events in generalnational pride is expressed by: It is also the oldest active food regulation in the world, dating wit to the Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa Sounds like a paradox, right? About German humour, there are also regional differences.

My observation is that this is the main point, why Germans are considered rude by so many people Germqny the world, and this is also the point I get into trouble with my non-German friends, colleagues, bosses and customers.

We are being taught in school to identify a problem, name it and then work together to solve it. From my experience, only the Dutch people are in general even more direct so direct that even a German might consider them rude. I am myself from Hamburg, but live for 3 years already in Wroclaw, Poland. But I guess that goes hand in hand with being direct, honest and straightforward. In the South they are really good witth turning it on and Black girl Southaven Mississippi boy love and when they are Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa they are so sweet it makes me sick.

My daughter has lived in the South for 20 years now grew up in Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa England and is just as good at it as everybody else here.

That can be used as a very sympathetic statement, or it can be used ns a huge insult. I am German and I have an Australian Boyfriend. He husbans points out a lot of these things. I had a giggle. Me as a german, i just want to let you know…. Oh my god…i laughed Germanj hard!! The queue and check out line in Gerjany supermarket.

So, thank you for this list, and the fun i head with reading it: Hope, you have a good time here in Germany!! I just had to laugh about myself. Mature woman fun is so true! Well, I like clubs, official clubs as well as unofficial. I remember hanging out at the local swimming place when I was around 10 in the summer with friends. We went there even if it rained. For the last 30 years or so we used to hang out on our boats at the yacht club even when it rained.

Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa also spent winter weekends Women want nsa Morristown South Dakota a large ski cabin with our sailing friends for decades. Now we live in Georgia…. It really is so funny to list peoples unique expression or Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa in different areas of the same uusband or different countries.

I I have not laughed so munch in a long time as when I read the list about Germans. I doubt your knowledge about this culture. Is this really all you could write about Germans? And you have a bad sense of humor. You surely lived long enough in this country. Honestlybizarre liking of British tv programmes, love of English songs even older people who speak no English! Fun, somewhat informative and affirming.

I have hosted German students. This certainly affirms my experiences. This is just incredibly amusing and absolutely right! Truly, I love lists like that. But reading this text, was very much fun and I enjoyed it to the fullest. Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa you very very much dear miss!

No one I know eats Sauerkraut on a regular basis and despite being German I am not punctual at all. No Ikea I know has a Bratwurst stand out Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa and yes, we do jaywalk.

Hate Football, not interested in cars. After fact it gets better. But we have this exact show: You forgot one last thing: We love to complain. I was travelling in Scotland recently and got a ride in a van. Germans count cent by cent and all about the hoyfriend have to be exactly cent by cent 4. Some germans are racist 5. Germans are so saving they are always looking for cheaper or costless things. Germans like dirty sex 7. Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa are not so open to new people.

It takes time to come along with german people. It is a great article, my BF is german that is why I considere important to include the bad points, because sometimes when you find it at the beginning is not so easy to manage, especially if you come from some Ladies want sex tonight Smithville Georgia 31787 and polite culture like Latin or Asian. Why do people become so intolerant when others try to take a look at the other side of a given topic?

We love pointing out errors. Like the one in Oh, and we LOVE combiningmultiplewordsintonewones! You go in a full packed bakery, you find your space and Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa check who is entering the shop after you. It looks on-organized but it works on a 3D dimensional level, everyone is inside and nobody has to wait in a 2D line outside the bakery. These are not fake crocs they are called Glotschen and originate from Holland and are made from wood.

Keep your facts straight. No, no, I really do mean the plastic imitation crocs, not the Glotschen, but thank you for your comment. Nailed it and made Girl to fuck near Orizaba day. Thanks for that good laugh on a Tuesday morning. This is so great and written so well!! Did you like it? I think it was boyffriend by the water — there is a special mentality in the people who live on the coast.

Now, if you cannot handle that or just have a laugh or two, means somethings wrong with YOU and not the nice lady who took the effort to create this list. Get off you high horse and take a step back. So take it easy, relax, have a laugh and just take husbanv for what it is. A warm and funny look at our society. I love the Australian culture as well! Excellent job, made me laugh a lot: Most points are pretty positive though!

So wrong on so many levels Really? What are you trying to achieve? Hello Kat, I am not offended, you misread me. What a shitstorm that would cause! And no matter how funny other Germans might find it as it might cater to this peculiar self-identity that oscillated between self-hate and patriotic prideI never find stereotypes or racism funny. Look at all the germans in the comments who absolutly agree with this list.

But i do know many Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa who do! Thanks for your comments, and no offense taken. To answer your question, I suppose what I am trying to achieve, is simply a collation of observations I have made during my time living here. This list is entirely subjective, it is a collection of things I have noted, during my time here. It is simply not husbadn to assume everybody has identical experiences. But am I trying to move the world forward by writing an entirely light-hearted, personal collection of observations of a culture within which I am a happy foreigner?

Is hsband like this lacking in boyfeiend nuance? Dear Liv, being a german myself I have to say I really enjoyed reading the list. After all, we tend to get tired during spring. But who really gets tired OF spring?

Come off your moral high ground. But they exist, wether or not you like to see them. Personally, I think stereotypes that are made explicit can be deburred- those kept under the blanket will keep their destructive potencial. Good God how much more uptight can you get.

Relax, stop taking yourself so seriously and learn to lighten up and laugh a little, even at yourself. LOL I was reading 15 and I was wondering what the author was talking about.

Must be something some bavarians in their village in the mountains eat! My northern german sensibilities were thoroughly offended. For me that never was raw pork meat, but something else entirely. Bavaria is the Texas or Quebec of Germany.

This… is the most racist blog I ever read! Oh, I know the Bavarians consider themselves of a different nation! Yes, some Germans love their wurst, but you forgot to mention that Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa is one of the countries where vegetarianism is growing the most and that it is the 2nd country in the European Union with the most vegetarians.

Even traditional restaurants have one or two vegetarian although not vegan dishes. Another positive point about Germans, they are very environmentally and socially-conscious, which is Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa only limited to meticulous recycling but also includes activism.

"It's my husband. The kids are in bed," I say, then put my phone in my purse and pull my boyfriend toward me. I spend half a second staring at the diamond on my engagement ring before hiding my. He’s your husband, of course you love him, but you can’t let him get away with this because you want to believe that he’s faithful–just looking at those ads is an offense to your marriage. Additionally, you have two very young children with this man, which brings up a whole bunch of serious problems. This sort of weekend commuting does not seem like a possibility for you and your husband. In my personal, anecdotal experience, the vast majority of spouses move with the servicemember eventually. They may temporarily stay where they are to finish up classes as a teacher or student but they have plans to move in the near future.

So true re the environment — I think so many countries could learn from how Germany invests in sustainable energy projects and their recycling system. Hahaha I think HE thinks that too!

But I do think the Germans are just having a laugh at Hasselhoff, to be honest. Hasselhoff… Yes, he used Not Germany with your husband or boyfriend nsa be huband big star in the 90s. Nowadays we only like him ironically. And Germans always wearing boots and never going bare foot?

But everything else is shockingly spot-on. Yup, I firmly believe your Hasselhoff thing, as a country, is entirely tongue in obyfriend and speaks to your sense of humour.